"When things go wrong and life throws you a curve, and some curves are a little larger than others, Ziggy handles it. He takes it on the chin and keeps on going." --Cincinnati Magazine

Ziggy has appeared in far more places than the newspapers that enthusiastically carry his visage. The lovable loser is taped to computers, pinned on office bulletin boards, and magnetized to refrigerator doors. He's carried in wallets, sent to friends and relatives, and stuck to bathroom mirrors. In a word, Ziggy is everywhere!

Such is the appeal of one of America's favorite pop icons. And Ziggy fans worldwide have the chance to see their old friend through the pages of The First 25 Years Are the Hardest! , a retrospective of some of Ziggy's best moments.

There's a confused little guy talking with his psychiatrist, ruminating at the bathroom mirror, and commiserating with his talking parrot. There's Ziggy at Mom's Diner, Ziggy addressing the heavens, and very often, Ziggy looking straight into the eye of his reader while dispensing such wisdom as, "Today is a first; That's why it's called 'The Present.'"

Ziggy speaks to everyone who's suffered a bad day, slipped up now and then, or spent time slogging through the rain showers of life. This book, commemorating Ziggy's 25th anniversary in the hearts and minds of the world, is filled with Tom Wilson's hand-picked favorite frames, those "you-can-say-that-again" triggers that always bring Ziggy fans back for more.

The First 25 Years Are the Hardest