Ziggy Goes For Broke

Ziggy, America’s loveable everyman, has become not just a classic but an iconic figure over the last 30 years. His gift cards have sold millions, and his comic is seen in more than 600 newspapers. All the latest color daily panels will be featured in this collection.

He's never had hair. Never owned shoes. Never even sported a pair of pants. No one would blame you for thinking that lovable everyperson Ziggy is broke. But there is one thing Ziggy does have--heart. And plenty of it, as cartoonist Tom Wilson reminds us in Ziggy Goes for Broke, a charming full-color collection of daily Ziggy comic strips.

In Ziggy Goes for Broke, the lovable Ziggy is back to take on our sometimes-indifferent world. As always, Ziggy is armed only with warm feelings, good intentions, and a homespun philosophy that reminds us that we're all in this together.

Ziggy Goes for Broke is a must-have for long-time fans and the perfect introduction for anyone new to the wonderful world of Ziggy.


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