Ziggy Goes Hollywood

"Cartoonist Tom Wilson's cartoon character speaks to everyone who's suffered a bad day, slipped up now and then, or spent time slogging through the rain showers of life."Ziggy has been taped to countless computers, tacked to thousands of school bulletin boards, and stuck on refrigerator doors everywhere. So it's only fitting that one of the planet's most popular cartoon characters pays a visit to the most famous community in the world-Hollywood.

Ziggy Goes Hollywood is the latest collection of cartoonist Tom Wilson's legendary strip. The pudgy and prized little guy first landed on comics pages in 1971. Three decades later he is read by 75 million people worldwide each day. While Ziggy may be insecure, he is a beacon of hope to the masses who read him daily: His humorous hard luck reminds them to not take life too seriously.

While things don't typically come easy for this adorable underdog, he always seeks out the bright spot, inspiring us all to do the same. Within its 128 pages, Ziggy Goes Hollywood captures dozens of those "you-can-say-that-again" moments that have made it legendary.


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