Ziggy Comes Up Short

Ziggy is a "lovable, optimistic, funny-page favorite." --New York Times

In the great tradition of Ben Franklin, Roy Rogers, and Forrest Gump, Ziggy delivers his own homespun philosophy for more than 75 million devoted fans.

Tom Wilson's Ziggy often finds himself on the short end of the stick. Short on hair, short on pants, short on luck, and, well, at less than four feet tall, just plain short, this beloved comic Everyman never lets life's shortcomings get in the way of enjoying the company of friends, appreciating the beauty of a rainbow, or experiencing the best of what life has to offer.

In Ziggy Comes Up Short, which features more than 40 weeks' worth of strips, Ziggy reminds us that even though we may find ourselves short on hair, pants, luck, or height, we are never without the ability to change perspectives, wade through life's gunk, and conquer triumphantly.

Ziggy reminds us that even misadventure ends in adventure.


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