When Pigs Fly

Smart, sharp, and sometimes cynical, Pearls Before Swine is our fastest growing cartoon property.

Cartoonist Stephan Pastis offers Pearls Before Swine fans a slam dunk with When Pigs Fly. Relax courtside and witness all of the action inside this breakout collection. Teeming with sharp wit and thoughtful insight, When Pigs Fly offers Pearls fans and sports fanatics alike a book full of caustically nuanced strips that mock the flaws and shortcomings of human nature.

Starters for Team Pastis include Pig (but you can just call him Air) playing forward with Rat offering an assist. In the paint, Zebra and Guard Duck box out those foul-tempered Crocs who believe they are ready to wipe the court with our Pearls all-stars. Meanwhile, Goat attempts to lead the team to victory--if only they would listen.

With multiple honors as Best Comic Strip of the Year by the National Cartoonists Society, Pearls Before Swine boasts an international fan base that follows the strip in more than 500 newspapers worldwide. Catch the alley-oop action inside When Pigs Fly.


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