What Now

  "MUTTS is the real thing, a comic strip that can touch, amuse and astound all at the same time."—Riverfront Times

  The comic strip MUTTS has won the National Cartoonists Society's coveted Comic Strip of the Year Award, and its author, Patrick McDonnell, has earned the NCS's Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year Award.

What Now? chronicles the humorous happenings of Earl the dog and his feline friend Mooch. As usual, the endearing pair can be counted on for laughs and charming adventures. In this collection, Mooch professes his love . . . for a little pink sock.

"How can I take you seriously with a little pink sock in your mouth?" asks Earl.
"This from a guy who wears a 'Shnoopy' collar," retorts Mooch.

Mooch's affection for his sock is so deep, he sings little songs about it. But the love affair comes to an abrupt end when his pal Earl buries it to try to end the obsession. Fortunately for Mooch, socks come in pairs, and he's soon reunited with "its twin sister."

  Earl and Mooch put their comic spin on a wide range of subjects, from napping and poetry to summer vacations and Christmas anticipations. Interspersed with its charming humor are more weighty messages on issues important to McDonnell, such as animal shelters, saving our endangered species, and other animal-protection topics.

What Now? delivers creative style and the charm of yesteryear unlike any other strip on the funny pages today.


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