Adventures in Aquaculture

A year's worth of marine-life amusement with the cast and crew of Sherman's Lagoon. The sharks, turtles, and crabs of Sherman’s Lagoon enjoy a complex society below the ocean’s surface, with a local government, school system, and even their own radio station. And like all advanced cultures, there’s no lack of drama. A visiting shark oil salesman shows up to hock a strange new elixir, and later, a consultant arrives to help the laconic locals hone their killer instincts. When Kahuna feels his powers wane, Sherman and Hawthorne help the ancient stone deity get his groove back. And after Sherman and friends hop a flight to see a rocket launch at the Kennedy Space Center, Hawthorne accidentally goes from spectator to passenger. Once you dip into these Adventures in Aquaculture, you’ll want to stay awhile.


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