Threats, Bribes & Videotape

  "Artist Kirkman and writer Scott obviously know about parenting. You can see it in every installment of the true-to-life strip they create." —Cartoon Opportunities

  Life's not getting any simpler around the MacPherson household with Zoe starting preschool, Hammie approaching toddlerhood and parents Darryl and Wanda just trying to keep up. Since 1990, the daily comic strip Baby Blues has delighted readers with its fresh prospective on the nature of parenting, earning it 1995's Best Comic Strip Award from the National Cartoonists Society.

  Scenes such as Zoe's disarmingly honest response to a complimentary stranger in the grocery store—"I think you have a really fat bottom"—strike an all-too-familiar chord with anyone who knows a child. And what parent wouldn't recognize the truth in the fact that it took only five seconds for Darryl and Wanda to move all of their valuable possessions (one framed photo) out of Hammie's growing reach?

Baby Blues creators Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott receive countless letters and e-mails from fans who describe their heartfelt connection to the MacPhersons. Like no other family-oriented comic strip, Baby Blues speaks to millions of people who, like the MacPhersons, experience both the tremendous joy and nagging frustration of being parents.


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