The Enchanting Rose

Ever since Rose is Rose began, I have been one of its most ardent admirers." -Charles Schulz

* Rose is Rose appears in more than 600 newspapers and has been nominated as Best Newspaper Comic Strip a whopping five times.

When Rose is Rose creator Pat Brady and cartoonist Don Wimmer present the lives of the Gumbo family, they reveal everyday life at its most extraordinary. From the Gumbos sharing a simple family moment to Pasquale warding off a bathtub drain monster to Rose morphing into her alter ego biker chick persona Vicki, Rose is Rose takes simple moments in everyday life and elevates them into lasting lessons.

* Lauded for his work on the strip, Brady received the 2004 Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year by the National Cartoonists Society.

* After two decades of creating every Rose is Rose strip himself, Brady has shifted the strip's writing and drawing duties to Don Wimmer. This book marks the second Rose is Rose collection to feature the talents of Don Wimmer with Brady's creation.


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