Sarah's Scribbles 2017-2018 16-Month Weekly/Monthly Planner

By Sarah Andersen

Whoever said adulting is hard was probably reading Sarah Andersen's cartoons. Or maybe it WAS Sarah Andersen. Whatever, Sarah's Scribbles knowingly documents the real-world anxieties, concerns, and insecurities of young modern life. The struggle between getting up and staying in bed, the feeling that you’re the only one who doesn’t have it together, and giving that favorite sweater a sniff to decide whether you can get one...more...wearing out of it before washing it, the comic hits all the big issues that come with being a grown up. Whether you feel like one or not.
Take a giant leap toward organization (and adulthood) with this amazing planner. The Sarah's Scribbles 2017-2018 16-Month Weekly/Monthly Planner: Get It Together! with Sarah's Scribbles is spiral-bound and has monthly grids and weekly planning pages with space for lots of important things like appointments, to-dos, and fun social stuff. The sturdy cover is flocked, and there’s a pocket and sheet of stickers inside.


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