Mochi's Pugpyhood

This hilarious collection of all-new comic strips by Gemma Gené (157ofGemma) tells the story of how one tiny pug met his new family and became one of the cutest, sassiest, and most popular pugs in the world. Guaranteed to warm the hearts of dog parents and pet-lovers everywhere. Mochi is a sassy, jamón-loving, opinionated middle-aged pug living his best puglife. He has way too much personality for someone his size and a very particular way of seeing the world. But how did he get to be such a larger-than-life diva? Was he born this way? And more im­portantly, did Mochi choose the puglife, or did the puglife choose him? This book tells the story of Mochi’s pugpyhood, from the day the cutest puppy in the world earned his mom’s eternal love at first sight, to all the formative experiences that shaped him into the aloof charmer we have grown to love. A heartwarming and humorous journey that all dog parents can relate to, Mochi’s Pugpyhood will smack you in the face with cuteness.


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