Luann 3

I think comic strips can enlighten as well as entertain. Adolescence is a very funny time, except when you're in it. Many teens feel alone in their struggles; I want to show them that adolescence may be scary but it isn't fatal. Finding the humor amid the horror is helpful." Luann DeGroot is a 16 year old girl who's full of spirited personality-and agonizing confusion. Like all teens, she's happy if she can stumble through a day without totally embarrassing herself. She lives with typical parents and an annoying older brother. Luann and her best buds, Bernice and Delta, along with a lively cast of characters from Pitts School, struggle with the euphoric highs and devastating lows that torment the life of a contemporary teen. From small events (a pop quiz) to large (a daring fire rescue), Luann 3 delivers the kind of poignant, honest, amusing stories that have made Luann a reader favorite for 21 years. Luann is featured in 400 newspapers worldwide, and receives 80,000 hits a day. Luann consistently ranks in the top five in newspaper surveys and is often number one with female readers. Luann, the Musical, from Pioneer Drama, has been performed by hundreds of theater groups across the country.


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