Edge City


Edge City is the first cartoon to feature the Ardins, a Jewish family maneuvering to balance relationships and tradition with dual careers, overbooked kids, long commutes, and pervasive high-tech gadgetry. The Ardins are a hip Jewish-American family leading mile-a-minute lives with two kids, two careers, two cats, and several computers. This family epitomizes our decentralized, high-tech world where everything is literally a click away-everything but the time to enjoy a peaceful moment.

The first book collection of Edge City introduces readers to husband, father, weekend rocker, and busy courier service owner Len and his constantly self-improving wife Abby, whose titles include professional therapist, mom to children Colin and Carly, and daughter to active older adults Morris and Edna. Edge City is nationally syndicated to papers ranging from the Chicago Sun-Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Houston Chronicle.


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