Check, Please...

  "The antics of Zoe really prepared me for my own child, and I really enjoy every one of the Baby Blues books over and over as my child grows. When I feel that life is overwhelming with my baby, I read one of these books and suddenly it all comes into focus, because obviously other parents have gone through the same thing. I have purchased these books for other moms or moms-to-be that I know, and their great books for a baby shower." —A Baby Blues fan

  Is it possible for the MacPherson kids to get any cuter? Zoe excitedly dipping water from the toilet to serve her daddy "tea." Hamish rolling efficiently across the floor instead of crawling. And Darryl and Wanda watching all their antics in worn-out wonder! Who hasn't experienced, or at least witnessed, that final humiliated plea for the check after a restaurant is turned into a war zone by active kids? Well, Darryl and Wanda are there now.

  Since 1989, Baby Blues fans have witnessed the amusing transformation of the career-oriented MacPhersons into realistically warm and wild-eyed parents—from Wanda giving up her job to be a stay-at-home mom to Darryl fitting in daddy duty after demanding days at the office. As demonstrated over and over in Check, Please..., the MacPhersons are no different from many new parents, forced to make adjustments that have come fast and furious.


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