A welcome breath of fresh air. Really funny stuff. A terrific comic now becomes a terrific book."

Authors Guy Endore-Kaiser and Rodd Perry have crashed the party, and the world of cartooning will never be the same. In fact, they are arguably the freshest, most original and clever of all cartoonists out there.

Their comic strip Brevity features a smorgasbord of nerds, animals, and sporks in unusual yet relatable situations. For example:

* The five-second food-dropping rule does not apply to sewer workers.

* The Hypnotato dares you to look into his eyes.

* The combover eagle (you have to see it to believe it.)

* The angry pin-the-tail-on-the-donkeys paying a nighttime visit to the birthday boy to settle a score.

Brevity has been described as "the soul of wit." Indeed, this wily wit fused with minimalist illustration has launched its popularity into the stratosphere. Brevity will be at the top of every cartoon lover's wish list.


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