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  Growing up isn't always fun in real life, but in the world of FoxTrot, it's always worth a laugh. Between overblown science experiments, babysitting jobs from hell, and sibling rivalry honed to an art form, the Fox household reverberates the sounds of a far-out, yet familiar, family life. One of FoxTrot's great appeals is its understanding of the pains and pleasures of youth. The Fox kids—little brother Jason, the mischievous genius; sister Paige, the boy-crazy shopping fanatic; and big brother Peter, a sports fan with aspirations to be a sports star—interact naturally, which is to say loudly and vigorously. In addition, creator Bill Amend uses many real-life situations and dilemmas modern kids face to frame his stories. "It's a tricky balance," says the artist. "On one hand I have this wonderful opportunity to present good role models to younger readers, but at the same time I want to be funny." And he succeeds. In At Least This Place Sells T-Shirts, parents Andy and Roger continue to preside over the unpredictable household antics of the Fox family.


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