100% Whole Grin Rose is Rose

Ever since Rose is Rose began, I have been one of its most ardent admirers." -Charles Schulz

Nominated as Best Newspaper Comic Strip five times Rose is Rose is the strip where daydreams and reality meet and mingle.

Life in the Gumbo family is anything but ordinary. A toe-biting monster dwells in the bathtub drain, awaiting Pasquale's bath time. Family-minded Rose occasionally morphs into her wild alter ego, Vicki the biker. Rose's love-note-writing husband Jimbo never disappoints as the always hopelessly hopeful romantic. The creation of Pat Brady and Don Wimmer, this Rose is Rose collection features more than 40 weeks of Gumbo family high jinks.

After two decades of sketching every Rose is Rose strip himself, Brady shifted the writing and drawing duties to Don Wimmer. This Rose is Rose collection features the talents of Wimmer as based on Brady's creation.


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